Membership Benefits

Networking: Opportunities for regional distributors, reps and manufacturers plus speakers focused on improving business operations

Education: State of the art, industry specific training and certification in every position within most distributor businesses

Regional Benchmarking: Opportunities to evaluate how your company’s numbers compare with other distributors in the region

Compensation Surveys: Every few years a survey of companies allows distributors to see how their pay of employees compares with those of other distributors in the region

Distributor Tours: Opportunities to see the innovation of other distributors and learn new ways to improve the performance of your business

Succession Planning: Through our Young Executives program we offer opportunities for the next generation to build a powerful network with other distributors, manufacturers and reps. We also provide education to advance the distribution management skills of our Young Executives.

Networking with Manufacturers: Opportunities to meet key manufacturers and reps that you don’t ordinarily interact with in your business

Political Advocacy: Current information on bills impacting our industry and how you can support efforts to influence votes on these very important issues

Industry Contribution: An opportunity to give back to your industry

Ohio: Workman’s compensation benefits saving all Ohio distributors money on these state mandated benefits

Michigan: Credit reporting management support to mitigate credit risks