Letter From Terry Shafer

Momentum is building, and great things lie ahead for NCWA.  We have been having a great year with strong meetings, quarterly sales reporting and opportunities to network with many in our region.  Out Young Executives put together regional annual tours of Manufacturer/ wholesale companies. If you would be willing to let our group come and tour your facility, we would love to hear from you as we are always looking for opportunities to enhance our members knowledge of products and how they are made and distribution ideas that can improve how they do business.


In June we held our convention at The Greenbrier in West Virginia and it was incredible!  We moved the event to a Monday meetings and Tuesday golf.  This was done to encourage everyone to bring their spouses and stay the weekend at The Greenbrier.  It worked!  We had a record number of spouses attend the convention!  We set up a tour of the now “declassified” bunker which was created during the Cold War to house our government in the event of a nuclear war.  The golf courses are some of the finest in the world, 94 golfers joined in the golf tournament.  While it was an exciting and fun new venue for us, we also had the opportunity to network and discuss improving our industry.  Alan Zimmerman spoke in the morning and he is highly regarded as one of the leading authorities on communication.  He has been featured on CBS, CNN, CEO and Entrepreneur magazine as his positive communication strategies have helped many companies transform how they work with customers.  We had amazing feedback about his presentation!

The year 2020 also shows great promise.  We will hold our annual convention at the Renaissance Hotel in Columbus, Oh June 2-3, 2020.  The golf tournament will be held on Wednesday, June 3rd.

In closing, I want to assure you that the board is committed to continually offering first class events! We always welcome suggestions and ideas for improving our services to you.  If you have any feedback for us, please take a minute to email me or give me a call.


Terry Shafer

Executive VP

North Central Wholesalers Association


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