Seminar Speaker

Mark Parrott

Mark Parrott is a 30-year veteran of the financial services industry. After spending his formative years on Wall Street, Mark moved on to teach captains of industry as well as the common man. He has presented to, or directly counseled more than 10,000 companies totaling more than 320 billion in revenue.

He has earned expertise in:
• Investment Decisions in Behavioral Finance from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University
• Mergers and Acquisitions from DePaul University 
• Business coaching from Marshall Goldsmith

Mark’s book Meta-Trends & the Next Economy is the highest rated econometrics book on Amazon.

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Seminar Description

During his interactive presentation, Mark will answer the question: “How do I stay relevant for the next decade?” He will speak about how to survive and thrive in these most challenging times.

Key issues to be covered:
• Identify if you or your customers are future dinosaurs
• How to firewall your business against recession
• How to maximize valuation

You will take away tactical strategies to improve your net worth and gain the motivation to do so today! Most importantly you will know how to protect your wealth and business in the next economy.